Allergy Treatment


Millions of people in this country suffer from allergies. Estimates put the figure as high as one person in four. Studies also show that the number of people suffering from allergies has been going up every year by as much as five percent, and over fifty percent of these new allergy sufferers are kids

Why do allergic reactions occur?

Allergies are spurred by substances in the environment which are known as allergens. People can be allergic to almost anything, from pollen and ragweed to pet hair and certain foods like peanuts and eggs. Especially specific proteins could become allergens, which is disturbing since they are often found in the foods we consume. Allergens are sadly difficult to avoid, because they are created of many of the chemical substances which all living beings are made of, such as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

The fortunate news is that the normal allergens in your house can typically be removed by professional carpet cleaning designed as an allergy cleaner to get rid of common irritants such as:

- Tree nd grass pollens
- Household dust mites and the waste products they leave in their wake
- Mold spores and mildew
- Cat and dog hair and pet dander

Often people can erroneously blame their carpets, however the culprit is most commonly the carpet padding due to moisture that has come into contact with the carpet. Because of this fact, several companies have begun to make hypoallergenic carpet padding products, in order to permit those dealing with allergies to have the benefit and warmth of carpeted rooms at home. There are several things to consider before acquiring hypoallergenic carpet underlay and having it installed.

It is important to keep in mind that "hypoallergenic" must not be believed to mean that no allergens whatsoever will remain in the carpet.

Instead, the term hypoallergenic claims only that there will be a reduction in allergic reactions and symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way of eliminating the risk of an allergic reaction from any one specific thing, simply because everyone has different allergies. It will also depend on the allergen problem in the home. But a hypoallergenic can definitely reduce mold and mildew in every home and bring relief to many sensitive people who have different allergic reactions.

Throughout the carpeting business, hypoallergenic padding commonly means that the material is manufactured with a moisture-resistant characteristic that makes the padding anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. These resistances may change from manufacturer to manufacturer with some small differences, however those are the main allergens that this type of padding is most commonly prone to.


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